We know you can’t get enough.

This Saturday at Shindig, we’ve got our usual Open Mic with a new twist, hosts and headliners Temple.

Check out their new album, “Your Echo” –> http://templebk.bandcamp.com/


Open Mic and the Headlining Act is all FREE for your listening pleasure. We’ve got food and drinks available all night for your wining and dining pleasures.

More on Temple:

Raised in a small town with eight hundred or so people, no streetlights & a bowl cut. Made way to the bigger towns, met some people who saw past that bowl cut. They offered to make the records & helped in ways that will take years to repay.  Got a haircut. It’s been a mixed bag since then.

Temple is fresh off a new release entitled “Your Echo” which was recorded entirely on 1/4″ Analog tape in a bat filled barn in Maine. After what the bats left was swept up, we got to work stringing up the rafters with microphones and trying to find enough cable to reach the tape machine. The sounds coming off those walls, along with fantastic trumpet & clarinet work, some strong and pretty little female vocals,  little bit of guitar here, little bit of piano there, resulted in a big echoey dark sort of “winter in New England” type recording. Lyrically dense & flirting with the dramatic. 


See you at 9:30 on Saturday with your game face on.


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